Sir Gilligan Mahoney (RIP)

Hugh-Mon in Spaece


Age: 30
Height: 6’
Sex: Manly
Weight: 210 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
STR: 9 (1)
DEX: 12 (
2) c
END: 11 (1)
INT: 8 (0)
EDU: 3 (-1)
SOC: 11 (


  • Zero g * Computer * Perception * Recon (1) * Athletics (1) * Gun Combat (1)
  • Stealth * Streetwise * Pilot Spacecraft (1) * Flying/Coordination * Drive-Wheeled (1)
  • Vacc Suit * Broker * Steward * Persuade * Melee- Blade (1) * Heavy Weapons
  • Mechanic (1) * Medic (2) * Field Artillery * Remote Operations

Slug Pistol:
3d6-3 Damage, TL 8. RANGE: P: -1 C: 0 S: 0 M: -2 L: -4 MAG: 63

2d6+3 Damage, TL 2. RANGE: P: x C: -1

Chainsaw Blade
3d6+3 Damage, TL 10. RANGE: P: x C: -1

Explosive Pistol
3d6+1 Damage, TL 10. RANGE: P: -1 C: 0 S: 0 M: -2 L: -4 MAG: 25

Combat Armor: +14 (mass 14)
Sub-Dermal Armor: +1
Riot Shield: +7 (when equipped)


  • Tool Kit (1) * IR Heat Goggles (1) * Comm Device (1) * Field Medkit (3)
  • EMP Grenade (3) * Nerve Gas Grenade (1) * Grav Belt (1)
  • Paraceas (6) Panaceas (TL 8+) are wide-spectrum medicinal drugs that are
    specifi cally designed not to interact harmfully. They can therefore
    be used on any wound or illness and are guaranteed not to make
    things worse. A character using panaceas may make a Medic check
    as if he had Medic 0 when treating an infection or disease. Panaceas
    cost 200 credits per dose.
  • Anti-Rads (6) Anti-rad drugs (TL 8) must be administered before or immediately
    after (within ten minutes) radiation exposure. They absorb up to
    100 rads per dose (see page 141 for more on radiation). A character
    may only use anti-rad drugs once per day – taking any more causes
    permanent Endurance damage of 1d6 per dose. Cr. 1,000 per dose.
  • Stims (4) Stim drugs (TL 8) remove fatigue, at a cost. A character who uses
    stim may remove the effects of fatigue (see page 74) but suffers one
    point of damage. If stims are used to remove fatigue again without
    an intervening period of sleep, the character suffers two points of
    damage the second time, three points the third time, and so on.
    Stims cost 50 credits per dose.
  • Combat Drugs (4) Combat Drug (TL 10): This drug increases reaction time and
    improves the body’s ability to cope with trauma, aiding the user in
    combat. A character using a combat drug adds +4 to his initiative
    total at the start of combat (or whenever the drug takes effect). He
    may also dodge once each round with no effect on his initiative
    score and reduces all damage suffered by two points. The drug kicks
    in twenty seconds (four rounds) after injection, and lasts around ten
    minutes. When the drug wears off, the user is fatigued (see page
    74). Combat drugs cost 1,000 credits per dose.

Troy was born and raised on a distant Mining Colony in the remote sectors of Imperial Trade Space. The only means of communication were from trade ships and orders from the Imperium, and it was a desolate and lonely sector of space. Inspired by tales of rogues and piracy in this burgeoning age of space expansion, he stowed aboard a trade vessel en route to a new military outpost just a few jumps from home. Once there, it was found to have been taken over by Pirates, and the trade vessel quickly surrendered it’s hull. Troy was trapped, and found himself at the mercy of the pirates once they arrived at a class B planet. Instead of kicking him off, they offered the boy to join their crew to help load and unload fuel and raw ores.

For 2 years he aided their profiteering ways while secretly stowing a few precious metals aside for his own profit. Whenever they were docked at spaceports he managed to sell refined crystals at an inflated cost. Some of the higher nobles took notice, and he gained contacts within Imperial Space and a reputation for shrewd business tactics, despite his lack of education. He knew how to entertain and appeal to the wealthy, and could sell a lump of unrefined carbon as priceless diamonds. His captors were beginning to catch on to Troy’s side-deals, and was threatened with his life on more than one occasion to surrender his profits. He continued to resist, and his relationship with the captain was the only thing that kept him alive provided he siphoned 3/4ths of his earnings to him alone. The crew, however, always took their opportunities to torment Troy by forcing him to do repairs in low-gravity outside their ship, or completely upturn his quarters whenever docked in port.

After the two years aboard the ship, an Imperial Privateer managed to track down and engage the pirates. Troy was forced to eject in a vacc suit to disable their nav relay outside the Privateer’s ship, but he missed the anchor and slammed against the hull, cracking his oxygen supply and knocking his head against the back of his helmet.

Troy awoke in the medbay of the Privateer Ship, and when he was questioned about the pirates he affiliated with, he couldn’t remember. In fact, he was diagnosed with Retrograde Amnesia, and couldn’t remember his life up until that point. The medical personnel affectionately called him “Gill,” on account of the lacerations he suffered on the back of his neck from the accident. Troy took it in stride, and accepted the name “Gilligan” as his new Imperium I.D.

Months later, the Privateers turned him over to a military outpost, where they took him in for training in their Calvary division, which was sent to the nearby alien planet to defend research on protected dune buggys. Open firearms were not used on the planet due to high levels of methane and traces of oxygen on the surface, so he was trained in swords and hand-to-hand combat. He trained for a term of service, earning a promotion in rank. Despite his new successes, there was a nagging feeling of emptiness… a sense that he was incomplete. He wants know what he accomplished in his old life, and often wonders if anyone he knew will ever find him again, to remind him of who he was. New hands were needed for another research project for OmniCore, and Gilligan siezed the opportunity to search for his lost identity. His old ship was destroyed in the battle those years ago after the accident in low-gravity, but perhaps they had raided others who would recognize him. He climbed aboard the transport vessel to report to the DSI at the assigned terminal for further instructions…

Sir Gilligan Mahoney (RIP)

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