Flipper is a humanoid hybrid from a high tech waterworld. She stands tall at 6’3" and is 34 years old.

Strength: 9 (1)
Dexterity: 9 (
Endurance: 9 (1)
Intelligence: A (
Education: 8 (0)
Social Standing: 6 (

Pilot (small craft): 0
Survival: 0
Mechanical: 0
Comms: 0
Gun Combat: 0
Seafarer: 0
Computers: 0
Trade: 0
Vacc Suit: 1
Astrogation: 1
Gun Combat: 1
Jack of All Trades: 2 (-1 to all skills)

Gauss Pistol:
DMG: 3D6
Recoil: -1
Mag: 40
Auto: 4
TL: 13
Mass: .5
Range: P (-1) C (0) S (0) M (-2) L (-4)

Assault Shotgun:
DMG: 4D6
Recoil: 2
Mag: 7
Auto: 4
TL: 6
Mass: 4.5
Range: P(-2) C(0) S(-1) M(-2) L(-3)

Explosive Pistol
DMG: 3d6 +1
MAG: 25
TL: 10
RANGE: P (-1) C (0) S (0) M (-2) L (-4)

Chainsaw Blade
DMG: 3d6+3
TL: 10
RANGE: P (0) C: (-1)

Cloth Armor:
Protection: 5

Combat Armor:
Protection: 14
Mass: 10kg

Riot Shield: +7 (when equipped)

Subdermal Armor: 3

Artificial Gill
Comms Device
Hand PC
ID of Galaxy
Security lvl 2
EMP Grenade (3)
Grav Belt
Breather Mask
Infrared Goggles
Med Kit

Cash: 260,875


Flipper grew up on her homeworld and worked as a scout for 12 years. Her early rookie years taught her a tough lesson where she escaped with only a nasty hand scar. In her formative years, she made five contacts around the universe, and one enemy. Her ship crashed and she was forced to hitch hike across the galaxy home. Her last years scouting, she grew jaded but did get to learn how to use a vacc suit(1).

Her time scouting abroad formed her into a hardened traveler, gunner, and a jack of all trades. She’s used to travel and hard conditions, and so spent her last four years in the army calvary. In that time she made friends with a weapons dealer, and hopes to see him again.

Flipper loves traveling and proves herself to be a reliable asset in any troupe. Now that she’s caught up in this journey she’s keen to learn about the different worlds she has yet to see. Her greatest fear is death, which would mean the end of her adventure. She hopes to keep journeying for as long as she can.


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