Space Themed Death-Lottery

Pirate Base and Abandoned Compund

Vacuum = No Breathy

After following the directions of Cpt Tomlin, the crew arrives at Othara and unloads their cargo at the pirate base nearby. While at the base they are told of an abandoned research compound on the outskirts of the system, many rumors circulate about the compound being haunted.

The Crew picks up on this plot hook and b-lines directly towards the compound. A few days journey away from Othara, they find the compound on a tiny rock planet with no atmosphere. Luckily the crew discovers that the compound is not haunted, but rather infested with some gargantuan centipedes as well as some average sized mutant space zombies. The foes were quickly dispatched with a quick shot to the air lock from the ships turret thanks to Captain Borza, this actively disabled the climate and atmospheric control of the compound rendering it as livable as the vacuum outside.

The compound contained many objects of value, weapons and ship parts mostly. But the victory was short lived when the DSI was ambushed by an unmarked star cruiser sustaining heavy damage to its maneuver drive. After using the ships turret to expertly dispatch the drop ships sent by the cruiser Borza executed a never before attempted jump from surface to escape the orbiting cruiser, but without a maneuver drive they would be sitting ducks where ever they came out of jump.



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