Space Themed Death-Lottery

DSI and Zeta-2
A quick and easy resupply run....

After meeting and training on Lanth, the Travellers (Asmund, Borza, Sir Gilligan Mahoney (RIP), Flipper) board the DSI and head out on their first mission to resupply the SpaceLab orbiting Zeta-2. Once they arrived they realized they were off course and their plans of stealthy, quick insertion failed. SpaceLab was intercepted by the Interdiction Satellites and were boarded by combat drones. The players made their escape with the Science Officer Stewart Henderson as SpaceLab broke orbit and hopelessly plummeted to the planets surface killing many interns and low ranking scientists. The Travellers had no choice, but to flee the pursuing drones becoming fugittives in the process.

DSI is now headed for Bael, a small mining colony on the fringes of space, a perfect spot to lay low while this blows over…..



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