Space Themed Death-Lottery

Ulfrade and the Red Zone

  • Due to the ambush the DSI undergoes mis-jump
  • The system they land in is classified as a red-zone but without a fully functioning ship the crew take their chances on a request for docking.
  • They are greeted surprisingly warmly but the inhabitants of the planet and quickly negotiate the repairs before being whisked off to wine and dine with the Technocrat.
  • The crew then discovered that a rouge black hole is heading through this section of the galaxy and the system of Ulfrade runs the risk of being strewn apart but the gravitational pull.
  • After learning this they are then told that the ship they are flying is going to be commandeered for use as an evacuation shuttle for the planets wealthy elite.
  • They escape the capital building and make it back to their ship where and angry mob has begun to gather outside, fighting through the crowd the crew makes it back onto the ship and confronts the mechanics in charge of repairing the ship and kill them.
  • Making another risky jump from the surface the crew barely manages to escape certain disaster and even jump precisely to their destination Hollis.



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