Borza is a thin and wiry androgynous man with a sharp, angular face and sallow skin. Born to an asteroid colony close to the shipping lanes, he quickly escaped his rocky start as a local shuttle pilot and launched headlong into a trader career, seeking to work his way up the ladder and hone his skills to become a lucrative independent pilot.

His hair rapidly turned silvery white from a long tour of duty as a merchant marine for the Imperium, rising in rank to 2nd officer by the time he mustered out at 34. He was not naive to the machinations of fellow officers: threatened and/or bargained to smuggle goods for some pet feudal project of slimier sorts on occasion. After 4 tours he’d had enough of moving for the Imperium and seemingly never getting anywhere. He found his way aboard the Deep Space Insertion in search of a new career away from the trafficked space lanes life.


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