Male Human, black hair and brown eyes. Average height and weight.

Gauss Rifle
Body Pistol
Hypodermic Needle Pistol
Combat Blade
Nerve Gas Grenade

Cloth with Ablative Vest
Combat Armor
Gravity Belt
Thermal Goggles

Investigate – 1
Gun Combat
Mechanic – 1
Vacc Suit – 2
Deception – 1
Engine Powerplants – 2
Astrogation 1
Sensors – 1


Asmund grew up on a nondescript grazing planet but yearned for a life among the stars. He applied to the Industrial Transportation Administration, an agency responsible for policing the local freighting shipyards. The ITA was highly selective but offered a slim chance to leave the rolling plains of farmland and ranches that covered his homeworld. Asmund soon found himself catapulted into a career of tracking down smugglers as well as undercover operations into black market trading in bustling spaceports.

For the first half of his career, Asmund inspected cargo, issued fines, and arrested small-time cargo runners for a case of illicit alcohol or the rare illegal firearm tucked away in a crate marked “Machine Parts”. Asmund was not a particularly remarkable Agent nor was he one to shirk his duty. “Top of the Bell Curve” was his commanding officer’s comment at his yearly review. Asmund was selected for undercover work on the basis of his ability to blend in and his unassuming nature – it was easy for others to forget about him.

Asmund assumed a new identity as a blockade runner, able to move past the cargo scanners and freight inspectors and soon began tracking the wide web of illicit trade that fed the black markets across the system. Most criminals he encountered were luxury good manufacturers that wished to avoid steep excise taxes and the occasional terrorist seeking explosives or military-grade starship navigational systems. But it was Asmund’s last case undercover that rocked him from his unremarkable life steeped in deception and bureaucracy.

A contact from an unknown client hired Asmund to run the blockade with an empty hold and to pick up a load of cargo and jettison it outside patrolled space. An odd request. Asmund instead took the cargo to the nearest base and contacted his handler and superior officer. It was two corpses, features disfigured from flash freezing and suspicious gouges and cuts. DNA testing revealed the identity of one corpse to be the missing Lieutenant Planetary Governor while the other’s DNA was not in record. Asmund was given a commendation for this discovery and his successful undercover identity was broadcasted across the system. Even the Planetary Governor personally gave Agent Asmund the coveted TAS membership. Asmund found himself sitting behind a desk as Director of Security at one of the busiest starports in the system. No more investigations or long weeks staking out a meetup point. Just days of signing off on manifests and overtime requests until he hit early retirement and rode out his pension.

But the questions of the case never solved burned at him. He repeatedly filed request and request to return to the field or at least the status of the current investigation. He soon realized that there was a coverup – he was meant to take the reward and quietly return to his nondescript life. Asmund quit his cushy position and signed on the Merchant Marine fleet and maintained star ship engines and navigational systems but always kept a keen eye out for the trail of the case gone cold. Asmund was haunted by his last case and drifted from ship to ship, finally choosing the solitude and utter danger of the Scouts exploration branch.

It was his return from a long four years of exploring and charting unknown systems that he discovered Omnicorp’s offer aboard the experimental DSI. Asmund is long disillusioned by the thin veneer of order and control of planetary governments and has embraced the very life he spent so many years investigating and arresting. The only thing protecting oneself from the cold vacuum of space is the hull of a good ship and a steady trigger finger.


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