Space Themed Death-Lottery

Bael Recap / Compoun Horrors

You're all fucked

When the characters successfully land on Bael they purchase a large load of Lanthanum (a rare material used in jump drives), as well as some basic mineral ore. They are then pointed in the direction of the nearest gas giant for refueling, and are warned of the dangers of pirates! A distress call is detected from a ship that has lost power and is descending into the upper atmosphere of the gas giant. When the players try to rescue it they are boarded by the inevitable pirates! After a harrowing firefight in one of the lower holds the shit is hit with a missile barrage, and the comms are hailed (despite no one knowing how to operate a com unit. Sir Gilligan Mahoney is recognized by the captain of the pirate vessel and they are granted amnesty, the Capt.Tomlin Alby offers to fix their ship and to wipe the ship’s ID giving them a better chance at evading detection by the Imperium and Omnicorps.

Capt. Alby the tells the Travellers of a pirate base not far from here that they can unload some of their cargo and lay low for a while, the Planet is Othara located in the uncharted system spinward from the Spinward Marches.



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