Space Themed Death-Lottery

Notes on 01-08-18

Welcomed Moira into the crew as she came to on the ship.
As robits approached, we pulled an eye out of Nora and gave her CPR to start the tablet thus killing her twicely.

Flipper and Borza pull open the elevator doors, allowing Borza to grav jump down to the ship hangers and Flipper to hop up to the next level above.

Moira acrobats her way right into the path of robits… but they don’t notice her.

Meanwhile Borza find a ship and boards it, giving the crew an ominous 30 seconds to join up or die.

Robits start rad bombing Asmund and Derrick as Anita comms to Flipper the code to turn off the emergency status of the ship.

Now its a race to meet up with Borza below as the crew pounds the elevator button.

Once everyone is below, the crew splits into two small fighter ships and exit the hanger to see.. the gigantic capitol ship~~ After much arguing, the two ships fly into the planet, hoping to land in a field by a city……..

Notes on 12/18/17
  • Welcomed Wynette to the crew
  • Pushed the bodies into the ancient alien, flipper took no rad damage, but Wynette took 6, but recovered all with 3 out of 6 rad meds
  • Took control of one drone
  • arrived at jump gate
  • sent out a hail and received a surprised response, there wasn’t supposed to be anyone on the ship
  • landed in Vilis Jumpgate, greeted by Nora, the Starport Admiral from OMNI Corp
  • taken on a shuttle out, landed on the jumpgate, get in elevator, WHEN SUDDENLY alien ships take over and battle!
  • Nora turns coat and attacks us, but gets murderlized. We clean out the baddies in the next room.
Gonads and Strarth
Ulfrade and the Red Zone
  • Due to the ambush the DSI undergoes mis-jump
  • The system they land in is classified as a red-zone but without a fully functioning ship the crew take their chances on a request for docking.
  • They are greeted surprisingly warmly but the inhabitants of the planet and quickly negotiate the repairs before being whisked off to wine and dine with the Technocrat.
  • The crew then discovered that a rouge black hole is heading through this section of the galaxy and the system of Ulfrade runs the risk of being strewn apart but the gravitational pull.
  • After learning this they are then told that the ship they are flying is going to be commandeered for use as an evacuation shuttle for the planets wealthy elite.
  • They escape the capital building and make it back to their ship where and angry mob has begun to gather outside, fighting through the crowd the crew makes it back onto the ship and confronts the mechanics in charge of repairing the ship and kill them.
  • Making another risky jump from the surface the crew barely manages to escape certain disaster and even jump precisely to their destination Hollis.
Pirate Base and Abandoned Compund
Vacuum = No Breathy

After following the directions of Cpt Tomlin, the crew arrives at Othara and unloads their cargo at the pirate base nearby. While at the base they are told of an abandoned research compound on the outskirts of the system, many rumors circulate about the compound being haunted.

The Crew picks up on this plot hook and b-lines directly towards the compound. A few days journey away from Othara, they find the compound on a tiny rock planet with no atmosphere. Luckily the crew discovers that the compound is not haunted, but rather infested with some gargantuan centipedes as well as some average sized mutant space zombies. The foes were quickly dispatched with a quick shot to the air lock from the ships turret thanks to Captain Borza, this actively disabled the climate and atmospheric control of the compound rendering it as livable as the vacuum outside.

The compound contained many objects of value, weapons and ship parts mostly. But the victory was short lived when the DSI was ambushed by an unmarked star cruiser sustaining heavy damage to its maneuver drive. After using the ships turret to expertly dispatch the drop ships sent by the cruiser Borza executed a never before attempted jump from surface to escape the orbiting cruiser, but without a maneuver drive they would be sitting ducks where ever they came out of jump.

Bael Recap / Compoun Horrors
You're all fucked

When the characters successfully land on Bael they purchase a large load of Lanthanum (a rare material used in jump drives), as well as some basic mineral ore. They are then pointed in the direction of the nearest gas giant for refueling, and are warned of the dangers of pirates! A distress call is detected from a ship that has lost power and is descending into the upper atmosphere of the gas giant. When the players try to rescue it they are boarded by the inevitable pirates! After a harrowing firefight in one of the lower holds the shit is hit with a missile barrage, and the comms are hailed (despite no one knowing how to operate a com unit. Sir Gilligan Mahoney is recognized by the captain of the pirate vessel and they are granted amnesty, the Capt.Tomlin Alby offers to fix their ship and to wipe the ship’s ID giving them a better chance at evading detection by the Imperium and Omnicorps.

Capt. Alby the tells the Travellers of a pirate base not far from here that they can unload some of their cargo and lay low for a while, the Planet is Othara located in the uncharted system spinward from the Spinward Marches.

DSI and Zeta-2
A quick and easy resupply run....

After meeting and training on Lanth, the Travellers (Asmund, Borza, Sir Gilligan Mahoney (RIP), Flipper) board the DSI and head out on their first mission to resupply the SpaceLab orbiting Zeta-2. Once they arrived they realized they were off course and their plans of stealthy, quick insertion failed. SpaceLab was intercepted by the Interdiction Satellites and were boarded by combat drones. The players made their escape with the Science Officer Stewart Henderson as SpaceLab broke orbit and hopelessly plummeted to the planets surface killing many interns and low ranking scientists. The Travellers had no choice, but to flee the pursuing drones becoming fugittives in the process.

DSI is now headed for Bael, a small mining colony on the fringes of space, a perfect spot to lay low while this blows over…..



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